If you are looking for a translator, you have found what you were looking for.

Do you have an English text or a legal document to be translated into German? Or have you got a German text which needs to be translated into English? Now you have found the right person to help you. Being a certified translator for English, publicly appointed and sworn for the State of Bavaria, I offer my translation services to support you.

Today's global networking in business and private life demands continuous sharing of information which must not fail because of language barriers. To give you the chance to focus on your core business, I will take on the translation of your English and German texts or legal documents. My fields of expertise are economic, business and finance texts. You can also trust me with the translation of your business and private correspondence. Furthermore, I translate and certify your legal documents to help you get them approved by public authorities.

Quality is my first priority! I place great value on fulfilling my jobs on time and executing them precisely and carefully in order to deliver an accurate translation at the date stipulated.

To ensure consistently high quality in my translations, I proceed according the principle of dual control and have my translations proofread by a competent colleague on request. However, I remain your sole contact throughout the whole process starting from placing your order with me through to the delivery of the finished translation. This way it is possible to include changes in the text at almost any time during the translation process if necessary. Thus you can be certain to receive a customized high quality translation.

Moreover, I gladly take on proofreading and editing jobs of texts of all kinds.

Should you need a translation which does not fit into my fields of expertise or which is required in a language pair other than mine, I am prepared to put you in contact with a competent colleague, specializing in the required field or languages.

In order that language does not form a barrier, please contact me.

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